Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Welcome to The PSP Sage-Blog Site !

  Hello and welcome to PSP Sage Blog Site.This is the first blog of this blog site.
  You will find everything about PSP , including choosing and buying , selecting games,
  value packs , game reviews , good sites , psp firmware , psp error codes , running
  homebrew  , preparing psp to run homebrew , downgrading firmwares , upgrading
  firmwares , warranty/support , Installing Custom Firmwares , Installing PRX modules,
  Devhook Part 1 , Devhook Part 2 , downloading games , checking cso/isos , running
  games via fastloader / devhook , emulation psp , gba emulator , nes emulator , gbc emulator...
  running psx eboots etc.

  I hope you find some valuable information here abt psp.
  Please dont forget to leave comments and spread this
  blog site. Who am I ? gamernaveen alias pspcoder05 htscoder05 phpcoder gamer.naveen.
  Real name?'ll find out.

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bharath said...

good show naveen..keep it up